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domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

Viajando sin gluten

El año pasado conocimos a Estelle Chandler, celiaca y experta en cocinar sin gluten. Los que asistieron a su conferencia deben recordarla. En esa ocasión vino a Panamá acompañada de su socia Ellen Morse, también celiaca y agente de viajes. Juntas organizan viajes para personas celiacas con todas las facilidades para su alimentación. Si les interesa, les dejo su website y referencias, lastimosamente están en inglés, pero funciona.


Ellen Morse Travel, a specialist in boutique customized travel itineraries, has a new company called Gluten Free Travel, (website under construction). Her partner is Estelle Chandler, gluten free consultant, trained epicurean cook, certified in national food safety services and the author of two Gluten Free cookbooks. Ms. Chandler was also the Hostess of "The Matt & Estelle Show", the only interactive Gluten Free cooking show.
(See Bio Below)

Both Estelle and Ellen are Gluten Free (Ellen is also Dairy Free) They understand firsthand how difficult it is to travel. How to eat, where to eat, or even just how to communicate what we can not eat. Then, there is also the problem if you accidentally ingest some gluten or dairy and spend days ill in the hotel.

Gluten free travel is not just for Celiacs but for those who have allergies, sensitivities or intolerances.

Gluten Free Travel will bring a new dimension to the traveling public. There are partnerships with hotels, resorts and cruise lines to create specific travel to places such as Panama, Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, Italy and beyond. This year they will offer two short land based trips - one to Panama and one to Costa Rica

For those of you who do not wish to go on group trips, Gluten Free Travel can plan individualized itineraries that work with hotels in cities around the globe as well as provide recommendations of restaurants that offer gluten free options. They will be happy to provide you the local language with which to inform your hosts that you have special needs. It is really a complete stress free travel package for the gluten free traveler.

You Focus on the Fun, We Focus on the Food! Gluten Free Travel looks forward to seeing you on one of their stress free, gluten free adventures!

Contact Ellen and Estelle at:

Estelle Chandler has been on the Gluten-Free, Celiac diet for more than 22 years.She has consulted for and served as vice president of research and development for 4 years the largest manufacturer of foods for allergy and intolerant diets the United States. Estelle has also consulted with corporations from Disney to international airlines on Gluten Free meals and procedures to prevent cross contamination.
In addition to her private consultation contracts, she maintained a web site “Ask Stella” to answer questions for individuals and families who had a vast array of food allergies and intolerance's. With Gluten-Free cooking and baking as her specialty, she also enjoys modifying recipes for ethnic foods and traditional family recipes.
She has addressed the National Gastrological Societies annual meeting with over 2,000 doctors in attendance. Estelle is an exceptional cook and has traveled extensively throughout the world meeting with other Celiac’s in her travels. She has taught adults and children as well as chefs, bakeries about Gluten Free cooking and baking.
In addition Estelle is an artist whose work has sold in 10 countries as well as throughout the United States. Her work has been sold and displayed at the Kennedy Center for performing Arts, The T-Salon at the Guggenheim Museum, Neiman-Marcus and Barney’s New York.
She has merged her passion for cooking with her artistic abilities to enhance, educate and encourage individuals and families who are cooking for themselves or a loved one on a restricted diet.

Ellen Morse Travel is an independent boutique travel consultancy created over 10 years ago. Our main goal is to provide the most amazing personal service while creating customized itineraries all over the world. EMT has rela
tionships with all the major travel providers throughout the industry- cruises, escorted/hosted tours, rental properties all over the globe. We act as an international concierge to satisfy all aspects of travelers needs- airline tickets, hotel rooms, private transfers, excursions, entertainment tickets (theatre, ballet, opera, concert), as well as spa and restaurant reservations. We do not advertize but work only through recommendation and word of mouth. We owe our tremendous growth over these years, to our wonderful clientele who appreciate quality and personal attention.

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